Valoss likes noise. After memorizing Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” Valoss decided that art was life. Valoss taped radio shows and songs from 102.7 and 96.3 in Chicago with his versatile JC Penney silver tape recorder. Valoss repeatedly turned his grandmother’s Hammond organ on and off, churning out groans and audio farts. Valoss studied classical piano through high school, when he got his first sampler, keyboard, and mixer. Valoss made tape experiments (sleep deprivation, Mondo docs, prepared piano). Valoss studied classical piano and sound recording technology at DePaul University School of Music.  Valoss studied industrial design at University of Illinois Chicago.  Valoss works an IT job to make dollars in the day.  Valoss likes the nightlife. Valoss likes to boogie.

Valoss is available for consultation on event music selection, production, and songwriting. Click Here to contact Valoss.

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